in conversation is a collaboration with local documentary photographer, josh sinn. 

visit our website, which is in progress.


after devoting several years of research into navigating family, i am now working on in conversation, a project that focuses on baltimore, a place that is much more familiar. 

in conversation is a collaboration between myself and local documentary photographer, josh sinn. this monthly online publication is meant to form a relationship with local artists whose art practice is directly connected to baltimore. as a conversation artist, my goal is to create a space for artistic exchange and form dynamic relationships within the larger art community. In what ways has baltimore been an impetus to someone’s artistic practice, informed their work, generated a new direction for content, or allowed them to truly identify themselves as an artist are questions that i am exploring in this project. the goal is to highlight one artist per month, to compile the conversation and photographs by sinn, and showcase the work after one year in a local gallery space.

the levels of exchange are of interest, as is the collaborative element of working with another local artist. in addition to having a curated conversation with the artist, i am requesting that they give me a tool that they use in their practice, like a paintbrush, perfomance costume accessory, defected sculpture, old roll of film, a page from a sketchbook or notebook, etc. these items will be collected and will be on display in the exhibition. 

by questioning my role as artist and curator, i am interested in the challenges that i might face, what it means to truly be a conversation artist whose work relies on the art practice of others and, most importantly, how baltimore is an important aspect of my (art) life.